How to create living walls and vertical gardens

Too little space in your garden does not mean you have to give up vegetables production. To find a solution for limited space situations simply use creativity. With a vertical garden, you can plant cucumbers, strawberries or any vegetable, even on a small balcony. The lack of space will not be a hindrance, to benefit of fresh vegetables and greens for kitchen produced in your own garden.

However, before implementing such an idea, check what’s the maximum weight, designed for your balcony.

Euro pallets as a cheap alternative
Certainly in all cities and towns, the lack of sufficient space to plant your own vegetables is characteristic. Most often, specialty stores may offer a good remedy. There you can find bags for plants or special modules that allow vertical cultivation of fruits and vegetables in very small spaces. They can be mounted quickly and easily on a wall of the house or on the balcony, then filled with soil, fertilizer and then you plant kitchen herbs. However, you do not necessarily have to spend a fortune to purchase a vertical garden. A less expensive and robust alternative is to build a European-style garden using palettes.
The following items are needed:
• A palette
• About 80 gallons of soil
• A tarp
• Some boards
To enhance the stability, the boards must be nailed on the back of the palette. The palette will be covered with tarpaulin so that the back of the palette and three sides to be covered. To avoid slipping, it is recommended to be fixed using braces from all sides. Then, the palette can be arranged in a vertical position with the open side in the front and filled with soil.
Not every plant is suitable for a vertical garden. Plants that require a lot of space for their roots should not be planted in vertical gardens. In addition, to attract the attention when you water plants, the water should be drained from the top of the pallet, down. For this reason, it is important to remember that plants that require a large amount of water should be planted at the bottom of the palette. So on the top of the palette should be planted plants that prefer less water. Such a construction is particularly suitable for the cultivation of strawberries and herbs, and vegetables suited for suspended growth. Also there is no impediment to cultivate on such a vertical garden tomatoes, cucumbers or zucchini. By the way colorful cress feels very comfortable on such a vertical garden.

How to create living walls and vertical gardens

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