Color stains for your garden during winter

As soon as last summer flowers have disappeared, evergreen shrubs play their trump card:  during winter, offer a good structure to your garden and color the layers. This is because some of them defy those gray winter with their golden-yellow and multicolored leaves. These Perennial layers play their role during this time. They translate into reality the dream of a permanent paradise, because most shrubs and conifers retain some deciduous foliage in summer and winter.

Deciduous shrubs are the most animated of evergreen plants. At this time of year, they really attract attention and, in addition to their rich green leaves, flowers and fruits often. Fruits wrapped in shimmering frost create beautiful images in your garden. In fact, winter is when garden shapes appear, and are so appreciated by the admirers of clear cutting shapes. Instead floral wealth, which often see well-defined lines provide benchmarks and guidance for the viewer.

Although your garden is now changing, you can do some creative planning, choosing plants carefully that can illustrate your design through midwinter revelations of nature. Typical coniferous shrubs, such as yew, Buxus and ivy create monochrome contrasts of decay brown and gray, typical for this time of year. However, if you aren’t a green admirer exclusively green, you will want to choose plants with yellowish green, silver gray or cream leaves. On the contrary, many types of oak leaves sparkle in a diaphanous blue hue. And while wild olive tree, with its colorful leaves, seems a multicolored jewel, juniper proves to be a skillful artist of rapid change. Its needles are green in summer and winter gold and copper-colored glow in shades of yellow. The yellow color is evident in mahogany. Strong yellow contrasts strikingly with the dark green of shiny leaves.

Color Stains For Your Garden During Winter

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