Clever Self Watering Systems

1. Diapers to maintain the soils humidity
You can use diapers to maintain the humidity in soil. There are two methods first is simple as i saw on sandpaper and silly putty. Just put a diaper on the bottom of pot, very simple.

For the second method you will need to fill the diaper with water and get the hydro gel out.
Mix equal parts of potting soil with equal parts of hydro-gel, mix the two together until they are properly mixed.
When completely mixed you will have an airy, super absorbent, super growing potting soil. Pot your plants with your new soil and your plants could go twice as long between watering because of the super absorbent water crystals in the soil.
And don’t worry the hydro gel is non toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly!

Diapers to maintain the soils humidity
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2. Soda Bottle Drip Feeder
This can be made with milk jugs too, like here: Milk Jug Slow Drip Watering System.
You just need to make some holes in the bottle, unscrew the cover and bury the bottle with the holes in the ground,next to the plant. Don’t forget to leave the top exposed.
This can be done in pots too but in stead of a large bottle you will need to use small bottles.

Soda Bottle Drip Feeder

3. Sunken pots for deep watering
Take a n ordinary 1-gallon plastic nursery pot with holes on both the sides and the bottom and sink it in the ground at planting time and sow the squash seeds around the outside of the pot. When you fill the pot with water, it drains out the holes in the bottom, immediately reaching the roots of the plants.

Image source & Instructions: Vegetable Gardener
Image source & Instructions: Vegetable Gardener

4. Planter Water Reservoir
Keep your container garden happy and thriving on long hot days by installing a hidden water reservoir. All you need is an empty plastic bottle around the same height as your planter. It will be easier to start with a new planting than an established container.

Planter Water Reservoir
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5. Sub Irrigated PlanterSub Irrigated Planter is a fun project that can be made with the kids. Made from recycled soda bottles these growing system are easy to build, use, and can be cleaned and reused for multiple years.
The watering system is very simple, first the water at the bottom is sucked up by the fabric. Then, the water comes in contact with the roots and the plant drinks the water.

Sub Irrigated Planter
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6. Water Ring
Transplanted trees and shrubs often struggle along for several years before they start to show much growth. The most common culprits are under-watering and over-fertilizing. These Water Rings are the solution to both problems. The five-gallon reservoir prevents the dry-out that stunts growth, and you can add fertilizer a little at a time to promote strong root development.
Can be found here: gardeners.com33-9187. Paper TowelsJust roll up paper towels as tight as possible, put the ends in a glass of water, and lay the remaining across the soil so that each plant is at least a few inches away. The paper towels will absorb the water from the recipient and will moisturize the soil. Be sure that the end of the paper towel is as deep in the glass as possible to ensure adequate watering.

Paper Towels Irigation Sistem
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Clever Self Watering Systems

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