Burlap Plant Pot

I am freaking insane over burlap. I love the idea of reusing old coffee sacks and environmentally friendly burlap for my projects. Burlap is made from jute and jute is a fast growing crop which is harvested annually. Burlap is grown in warm and humid climates which makes it naturally weather resistant, so it is a great option for outdoor and gardening projects too!

I have a new partnership that is just fueling this obsession and I am just warning you, there are many more burlap projects to come! Meet my friends at – Burlap Fabric.com – is an awesome store where you can grab rolls of burlap, used burlap coffee sacks, burlap bags of EVERY size, jute webbing, sisal twine and anything you need for your burlap projects!

The burlap coffee sacks I used for this project are so so cheap! You MUST run over there and check out all of the amazing options and then just go crazy with your creativity in how to use burlap all over your home!

I am lovin my first big project and I have already received 3 great comments from my neighbors!


  • 5 gallon bucket
  • burlap coffee sack
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • jute twine
  • a metal label

I started with my full coffee sack laid out in  my back yard… this stuff is messy! I cut the bag so I ended up with 2 pieces. I wanted one finished edge for the top of my bucket, so one piece was smaller than the other. The smaller piece will be used for a project I am sharing next week!

1. I started by hot gluing the finished seam edge around the top of the bucket.

2. This is how it looked when the top was secured.

3. I hot glued the side, pulling the burlap tight around the bucket.

(yes, there are two step 3’s… can I blame it on the fact I am still mildly ill?)

3a. There was extra burlap around the bottom when I finished gluing the side.

4. I trimmed the extra to a few inches, and then hot glued around the bottom, pulling snug as I glued.

5. All attached and ready to decorate.

I used my jute twine and wrapped it around the top rim a few times for extra support in case my hot glue gives out in places.

The little metal label was a Pick Your Plum score from a few weeks ago. I used an Elmer’s Paint Pen to label it and hopefully it will hold up to the elements.

I put it on the front porch and liked it so much that I immediately ran out to the backyard and made another one!

So, now I have one on each side of my porch and I LOVE them!

Come now… who is coming along on the burlap train with me?

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