How to build raised garden bed

What if the ground around the house is salty, rough, sandy and completely devoid of grace to bear? Can you get a dump of fertile land and solve the problem, though I warn you it is very complicated and expensive and actual results appear after about a year or – more simply – organize a raised garden bed.

The solution is very simple, practical and has immediate results. Such a garden can be set up virtually anywhere. Behind the house, one side of an alley, around the house, in a green area and around the house.

Raised garden bed is a sum of clear advantages. You can reorganize the court as much as you need. Plants bear to be moved if they remain in the same environmental conditions. You can plant sensitive varieties because they can be easily placed in shelter in winter. Stilt garden is easy to maintain because the risk of pest attack is less. You can plant any kind of plants including plants running on stilts that let you do that. Garden on stilts can be organized on a concrete surface not only for an unfriendly ground and is more elegant and more interesting than a facility in pots.

Use clay pots because they are the best because they are unglazed. Garden rests on stilts can be – and is even recommended – of different diameters and heights to add diversity and to be able to achieve an elegant setting aright for the garden around the house.
Garden on stilts can provide similar satisfaction as genuine gardens, even with the added advantages.

The most common flowers planted in suspended pots are petunias (available in many colors and are easy to maintain) and running geraniums (easy to maintain, resistant and for maximum effect, choose bitten colors), but as clematite and ivy are suitable dwarf.  For hanging you need to use colorful pots that remain blooming as long as possible. You can combine them, but ideal is to use one type of plant. Ideal are begonias – exceptionally beautiful in many colors, resistant and beautiful flowers.

Campanula is ideal for raised garden is beautiful, durable and easy to care for. Sweet pea – ideal for hanging pots, it is and remains colorful and blooming throughout the summer. In addition it has flowers of different colors. It loves the sun and does not need water every day, which makes it ideal for garden on stilts.

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