Brick Fire Pit On Budget

No garden can look at its best if you don’t have a brick fire pit! You can always build one by yourself if you have someone to learn you step by step, so you are in the right place. Here you can learn how to manage that according to your budget. The project costs ~$60. But it can be done for much cheaper. D

epending on the stone you choose and how many rows you put. Here is all you need to know. 

What you’ll need:
1 Shovel

1 Level

1 Handsome man to dig your hole

Stones for around the pit

Enough gravel to make 3″ deep in the bottom of the pit
1.Dig down 6″ around the pit where you want your fire pit to be.

It’s easier to make a square fire pit.

If you are digging for a circular pit, place a steak in the middle of where you want your pit to go.
Tie a piece of rope around the post making it the length of the radius (or half of your diameter) of your fire pit.
Placing another stick or marking device on the end will allow you to pull the rope tight and mark evenly around your circular pit.

2. Lay down approximately 3″ of gravel.
This will allow for drainage and a flat even surface for laying your stone.

3. Start to lay your first row of stones, being careful to ensure they are level.
Using a level is a great way to make sure your pit will not end up tumbling in the future.
We chose to make our first layer of bricks sit down in the hole.
This again will just add to the stability of the structure.

4.Place the other layers of stones on top, alternating where the stones meet.
This again will help to ensure your fire pit continues to be sturdy.

Brick Fire Pit

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