Best vegetables to plant this spring

Because today was hot, I went into the garden to inspect and plan … and I feel like my palms are itching when I look at my empty garden, with its black soil soaking wet. However, the wet soil that I saw were several leafs of onion and garlic – planted in the fall. The following days I will cover with plastic wrap, to protect and hasten little growth.

I hope that in the next period  it will not rain and the ground is dry enough that I can drill. Because it is already late and must put the seeds of radishes, lettuce and carrots. Then in May I will plant some onion (yellow, but I bought red onion and chives) and some garlic. Even if you plant them in spring, you should do the same. I will return with new articles when I go out in the garden.
If you always want to have green onions, plant a row every two weeks until summer to late July. Eat of it fresh and do not let it left in the ground and remove fall in September and keep it for winter. For that you have to buy now  in spring, more chives because it disappears from the market.

You can keep it in a crate in the dark and cool. In this way you can proceed with other vegetables or herbs – garlic, carrots, lettuce, peas, radishes, potatoes, dill, parsley, corn – I do so I plant three or four rows and I have them always fresh – young and crispy carrots , potatoes with thin peel, green onion greens salad and lettuce until November, corn even after it disappear from markets. And when you plant them the summer, when is warm, rise and grow more quickly, simply water them daily.
But now the soil is wet. But I hope it will dry enough to allow me to dig and sow.


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