Best tips for window boxes

One of the simplest decorative solutions for home are windows with flowers. For this we have a few tips for flowers in pots. Window boxes is the best solution for both individual homes, but also apartments in block windows and balconies. To enjoy the beauty that offers a window with flowers you must respect some rules to enjoy this decorative way.

Window boxes is a guaranteed success if you choose the most appropriate matching flowers and planters. When it comes to windows with flowers it must be said that the most complicated and the dependent enterprises of all is the choice and maintenance of planters, because of them depends the beauty of flowers in the window.

Window boxes must be a source of beauty and joy to the eyes, so it is crucial to choose carefully planters size, both in terms of their length and depth. The most practical solution is to use a form of support of pots in which to place them and a layer of fine gravel over it large or small pots with flowers. Thus eliminate the risk of having dirty walls by jumping from window boxes when it rains or excess water trickle on the walls.  You will avoid splashing water with soil on the walls and windows if you place a rock layer above the soil in the pot. But attention! There are flowers that do not support this treatment.

It may be tempting to buy large jardinière, so you can cover more empty space without much hassle and have a rich and colorful flowers window. What matters is that these boxes to be well fixed and well insulated. If you want a window with beautiful flowers always best to choose seasonal flowers, exactly in their right time and use an artificial soil, possibly even a sponge soaked with water and nutrients. Avoid soiling walls, it guarantees that the flowers will be beautiful, but they must be changed every 4-5 weeks.

A good solution for window boxes is to combine several species of flowers in the same planter, and for that you can call a trick very simple, with one condition: to choose deep pots as to have enough space for planting in layers: on the lowest level, you can plant largest bulbs, followed by the lower and the upper layer, you can plant dwarf plants. You will have a window with flowers as in the ads if you plant in the same planter same flower in different colors. It is essential to choose the right flowers with a window orientation, who love sun flowers or plants that tolerate a reduced heatstroke.

It really matter how you arrange the plants in the box. The flowing ones should be planted on the edge, small ones primarily, and in the middle or on the back line the tall plants.
For a window with flowers the perfect choice for windows facing south geraniums, marigold, petunia, coleus. They resist well in direct sunlight. For North choose begonia and fern and to the north or west facing windows: impatiens and succulent plants.
Window with flowers will look perfect if you use color combinations with a big impact. Here are some chromatic contrasts that will attract attention: yellow, blue, orange, purple, pink, purple, violet, lilac, red and green. In this palette plants put out each other and the colors will appear more vivid, brighter.

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