Best tips about hazelnuts

Hazels are almost a must if you have a small for garden and live in areas suitable for this shrub with delicious fruit. Hazel does not grow everywhere, but with a little care you can adapt them in the garden, almost regardless of climate (except in very cold areas with very cold winters and cool and wet summers) and you will have lots of benefits from them. What a great pleasure to grow hazel nuts in your own garden!

Hazels are planted in the fall and the first three to four years it allows to develop freely without training or thinning cuts. They need deep planting pits and wide. Always plant 2-4 baby hazelnuts, preferably of different varieties. In this way ensure cross-pollination. Hazel root placed in the ground, with soil from the pot in which they learned to be completely covered with fresh soil completely removed to create the hole. The soil must be well stuffed to eject air because they will root and then begin to wet the plentiful ingestion hazelnut.

Hazel can be planted in plains and mountain area, but best thrive in the hills. Withstand At temperatures up to – 20 degrees Celsius in winter, prefer semidarkness areas, wetlands, with southern exposure, east or south east. It needs a fertile soil and aerated water to drain well (they love on the slopes).

In summer, hot and dry periods should be watered. Maintenance treatments are made by cutting either to increase or to youth bushes

Hazel blooming buds appear before the leaves, and are full of hazel and pollen that attract bees first. Hazel blooms very early, a couple of sunny days and warm spring cause opening inflorescence. Shape and blooming period poses risks for production of peanuts, but often fail to fruit. The flowers appear long before the leaves and have a relatively long vegetation period of over 250 days. Vegetative buds appear after 25 to 30 days after the flowering.

Peanuts grow relatively slowly. They fruit from the age of 4-5 years, but deserve to be patient with it because peanut production – especially if you planted different varieties – is high.


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