Best plants to grow in a kitchen

Decorative plants are the most beautiful parts of a house, each room having its plants. A list of plants suitable for the kitchen is very helpful, knowing that kitchens don’t just offer ideal conditions for house plants. All these plants suitable for kitchen need a sunny spot, moisture and clean air, but also a constant temperature.

Windowsill is the traditional place where you can place the right plants for the kitchen. But you can hang, you can fix the shelves to window height. In the list of plants suitable for kitchen are the aromatic herbs which grow healthy, beautiful and prolific and easily adapt to kitchen conditions. Mint, rosemary thyme grow well in the kitchen. Likewise, marjoram, tarragon, garlic, basil and sage.

The list of plants suitable for the kitchen, however, is longer. The joy of having these plants in the kitchen is double. Besides these plants suitable for the kitchen will grow in harmony in this room, because they freshen the kitchen.

Dwarf lemon tree is ideal in the kitchen. Of all these plants suitable for kitchen dwarf lemon tree is one of the difficult plants. It needs heat, light and don’t support air currents. But it is resistant to temperature changes and is not bothered by steam and moisture.

African violet or purple Parma is a happy plant, always in bloom and perfect for the kitchen. She loves light and heat so it is advised to place it near the kitchen window.

Another plant that is suitable for kitchen and begonia. It is very beautiful and as previously presented is also a joyful plant. On the list of plants suitable for kitchen also are included: cacti, ferns and dwarf geraniums.

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