Best areas to place the fish pond

Most times, it is difficult to find the ideal spot in all respects, to place the pond in the garden. Portions are unsuitable steep courts too large deciduous trees or conifers or small garden in front of the house.

The ideal place pond in the garden is in the middle of a grassy field lined with shrubs.

 When you design it, note that the lake must be accessible from anywhere to ease its care.

What to look for when you build a pond in the garden?
It is not present advantages when building large lake near the trees too.It is difficult digging the lake bed near strong roots and plants can be damaged quite a lot during earth excavation work.
Protection of the pond liner can be damaged by roots. (Depending on the type of tree, we should expect this – eg. Willow roots are prone to pierce the foil)
In  autumn many leaves fall in the lake, they enrich the water with too many organic substances, so it can be caused algal blooms.
In winter in because of leaf litter, gases are released that are harmful to living things in the water.
Large shadow is harmful because water plants and waterfront generally love light.
It is an ideal location for the pool the area which is lit at maximum by sun from morning until approx. at 11 noon. Between 11 to 15 hours may be gloom and shadow. Shade during the midday heat countries is important, primarily for water quality. In hot water the oxygen is low, and this helps the growth of algae.

Stood in the middle of the garden or rather close to the fence?
If we project lake in the middle of the garden let’s think once again if will not aggravate or even make impossible the further development of the garden. It’s advantageous location less central pond.
A good location to build a corner lake is bounded by walls or base of the terrace. It’s a really nice view when you sit on the terrace and in front of the lake flora and fauna.
Areas with plants around the lake, which are bounded by the terrace, must be arranged so that the plants do not cover higher to water lilies. In this regard, on the banks where the water depth is terrace, it must reach a depth of 80-100 cm, and on the other side have a lower depth. There you will put higher plants.

Lake and people’s safety around them
Design garden ponds, on fenced land only, otherwise, the owner of the lake should do everything possible to avoid accidents.
Children are attracted to water so we have to take additional measures. We can make the lake safer if you buy woven nets that can spread over the surface of the lake. If plants cover the lake, it becomes almost invisible.
Build to your children, an own lake, small and safe.
There is an electronic alarm system that floats on water and raise the alarm sound when in the water, a body heavier than 15 kg falls.

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