Autumn decoration and handcraft fun for the whole family

Cute decorations make the home more welcoming and friendly. Handmade decorations often have individual charm and are really personal and special. The following tips and tricks mean that there is nothing to prevent you from creating a pleasant autumnal atmosphere in your home, and will certainly bring fun and enjoyment for the whole family. All you need are the right tools, a little imagination and skill, and you’re ready to go.

Autumn garlands
All materials that you need to put into practice this idea can be found during an autumn walk: chestnuts, acorns, beechnuts, fir cones, nuts, rose hips, colorful leaves and other things of this kind. It means that all the ingredients can be found in nature and you do not have to spend big money to buy them from specialist shops. To put make a garland you need some thread for needlework, not very thick. Also, you need wood beads of different sizes to put them at the ends of the chain.

Preparation: First, you must make a hole in the middle of chestnuts, acorns, nuts and other material you have gathered. The best way is to make a hole with a hammer and a nail. But be careful: when you make the holes, place something under each object, so you don’t damage the floor or  the table top. You can also use a drill.

Now you’re ready to go!
Choose the desire length of the garland. Place the first element and tied it tight at the end of the thread so that it cannot move. Now you can list all other objects near each other or with spaces between them, for a more casual look. You can do this by linking each object tight in the desired position, so it will not move. Among the natural materials you can use beads or other ornaments that you have purchased. When finished, make a loop at the end of the thread to attach the garland or attach a mounting ring. And here’s what you got: a colorful garland that looks extraordinarily well hung above a door or window.

The animals made of chestnuts are popular among children and adults alike. For beginners and children, they are quick and easy to make and looks great. But there are versions for people with more experienced or skillfully, where adults can unleash the imagination, creating objects that arouse admiration of guests.
For simpler animals you just need chestnuts, matchsticks and / or toothpicks. To create more sophisticated animals, you need a knife, a drill, glue, pearls for eyes, fur, wool etc. In this case, imagination has no limits. Let’s begin! First, you must decide which animal you want to take.
A simple animal is a giraffe, for example. To do this, you need a bigger chestnut, used as a trunk. Make four holes on the underside of the chestnut, two in front and two in back. Put one matchstick or toothpick in each of the four holes, thus obtaining the giraffe’s legs. Now find four chestnuts smaller size like. These are the feet. Make one hole in each of these small chestnuts and then place them on matchsticks. Then make another hole in the upper torso, so as to insert a toothpick as a neck. Lastly, make another hole in a smaller chestnut and place it on the neck. It will be the head.

Chestnut snake, which is also a simple animal, can be achieved without matchsticks. For this, you must drilled chestnuts, strung on a thread, as if you make a chain of chestnuts. When build the snake, strung chestnuts by size. First set the biggest chestnut, then thread the other chestnuts in descending order. To make it similar to a snake, you can paint eyes and a stick a paper tongue.

Autumn Decoration And Handcraft Fun For The Whole Family

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