7 most beautiful flowers that you can plant now

Flowers give us a good feeling, delight our senses when we see them and we feel irresistible fragrance and also give color to any space.
Your backyard garden is more than a simple outer space. In early spring, the garden comes to life and turns into an ideal place to spend your time outdoors, in the shade of a tree, contemplating nature. And the flowers play an important role in decorating your garden. A colorful yard and some fragrant flowers will become your favorite place and admired by all the neighbors.

Even if you do not have much experience on gardening, planting flowers it is not difficult, especially if you know which are the easiest to maintain. Planting seeds is simpler than bulbs, and the good news is that there are a variety of beautiful flowers that you can plant so. Equally important it is to choose quality flower seeds that will help you grow strong and beautiful plants throughout the warm season.

Queen of the Night, mysterious flower that opens in the evening
Queen of the Night is one of the flowers with the most powerful and intoxicating scent that you can grow in your garden. It is a plant native to the tropics, which is why it thrives especially in arid environments. It blooms early in the summer and last until the end of autumn. The peculiarity that distinguishes it from all others is that its flowers open at dusk and close in the morning. We recommend to plant a mix of colors so that your garden will have a special charm and mystery.

Petunias, colorful flowers that can withstand a whole summer
Petunias come in a variety of colors, from white, pink, red, blue or purple varieties which fill your garden with a fragrant explosion of different shades. These flowers are quite easy to care: they need light and nutrient rich soil, but their biggest enemy is the wind, which can break them quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to plant them in sheltered places where the wind doesn’t blow so bad. On hot days, wet the soil twice a day, once early in the morning and then in the evening and your petunias will radiate color and scent all summer.

Sunflower plant in love with light and heat
Sunflower planting is easy even for children and will give your garden a rustic air. This plant is resistant, can easily be increased both in the garden and in pots, the secret is to choose the right flower. There are tall varieties that can exceed 4 meters tall and dwarf varieties, varieties with simple flowers or beaten, and the range of colors ranging from bright yellow to shades of reddish brown. Not pretentious at soil where a plant resists well and even on hot temperatures. But you see that if you choose a high variety, assist them with poles strain, so that it can grow straight and strong.

Sage and lavender, plants with multiple uses
Sage and lavender plants are already known fot their therapeutic properties and their purple flowers will give a rich look to your garden. Both plants grow as shrubs and can reach between 50 and 100 centimeters high, if properly cared for. They need light, and a soil nutrient, so a natural fertilizer mixed into the soil before planting these flowers will grow tall and strong. They also can be grown and the benefits they have for health. Sage tea is excellent to strengthen your immunity and can ensure a good digestion, while lavender is used in aromatherapy for its soothing and relaxing effects.

Carnations, cheap and easy planter
Carnations are probably the most common plants in our gardens. They are beautiful, smell great, but most importantly, are easy to maintain. Another advantage is that they are very cheap, which is why you’ll find plenty in flower shops or markets. However, the flowers are resilient and are maintained for a long time even in a vase, stored in water. For carnations you need some quality seed and soil. Because I’m not demanding the type of soil they grow, you will not need fertilizer or training to spot unusual planting.

Daisies, simple flowers but elegant
Daisies are easily recognized by their immaculate white petals and yellow flesh, as some flowers whose elegance is derived precisely from their simplicity. Interspersed with multicolored flowers in the garden, they are instantly recognizable. There are also colored varieties in shades of purple, yellow, pink or orange, white daisies, however, the most beautiful remains the classic one. They will give your garden an air field with flowers, and if you plant them in combination with red poppies, you’ll get a more intense effect.

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