6 ideas for a piece of heaven at home

Plants add color, texture and life to any room in the house, oxygenate the air and have a relaxing effect on us, when we look at them even for a few minutes.
The flowers should not be missing in any household. Even busy people who do not have enough time to car them, can beautify the home with beautiful and resistant plants.

Just read this guide useful and practical about proper care of houseplants and see how simple it is to keep your plants green all year round. As you can see, the tips are not difficult to implement and here are solutions for all budgets.

Another advantage of plants used as decorations is that there is no design style where you cannot successfully incorporate a green corner or a few potted flowers that will give a fresh air to your room. Here are the most beautiful and spectacular ideas to arrange your flowers in the house:

A shelf full of potted flowers, located in the middle of a room, so as to divide the space can be organized in two separate zones. This idea is especially suitable if you have a spacious house with large rooms that you find it difficult to fill. For example, a living room can be separated into a relaxing space where you have a sofa, a library piece, a TV and a table with chairs, and a workspace in which you can arrange your office.

Huge plants used as “statement” decoration
A high plant and bulky gives a dramatic effect to a room. A giant philodendron or a high Ficus tree located behind the couch in the living room will grab all attention when you enter the room. In addition, these plants are hardy and do not require a very careful care. Simply water them once a week and spray their leaves with water mixed with a solution against pests and you will maintain them healthy and beautiful for a long time.

Create a green corner in any room
Potted plants of various kinds look best mixed in a corner of the room, where no other piece of furniture or decoration does not fit. Thus, the empty and desolate space is now filled with flowers and plants of various sizes, shapes and colors, where you can look for minutes on end without getting bored.

Rely on seasonal plants and flowers
If you want to grow plants or flowers in pots, then you can buy fresh flowers. Especially in early spring, markets and flower shops are full of seasonal plants. Tulips, lilacs, snowdrops, peonies, violets and daffodils, everything will look great in your home, especially if you put in some special vases. Choose some high, simple and transparent to highlight the beauty of flowers, or some crystal with a touch of luxury to add refinement to your home.

Hanging pots useful throughout the home
The flowers can be used to decorate any room, even in the small. The solution is to use some hanging pots positioned vertically. This idea is widely used in the balconies arrangement where flowers placed on the railing instantly beautify the space and give it some color and life. But hanging pots are a great idea on, kitchens or bathrooms, usually to places where you don’t have too much space available, but you also don’ need many bulky decorations.

Plants used as artwork
With a little creativity, any plant can be transformed into a true work of art that draws the attention and admiration of all your guests. Take the example shown below, in which a fern suspended above a seating corner has a refreshing effect but full of elegance. Natural light puts well worth this little intimate heaven and the plant offers color to toned neutral beige and brown spaces.

If you liked these ideas, you should know that they are neither difficult to implement nor costly. Instead, they need the change you need in your home and their comforting effort is worth it.

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