5 Ideas for a heavenly garden

If you have a yard, no matter how large or small it is, during the summer you spend most of the time there. Nothing can be more enjoyable than to spend the weekend in the yard, surrounded by greenery and enjoying the sunshine outside. Summer is a good time to make some improvements in the courtyard, so we will propose five cheap and easy ideas to implement in your garden. Here’s what this is about:

1. Build a barbecue
A barbecue is almost mandatory when you sit at home and have enough space in the yard. Meat and vegetables prepared on the outdoor barbecue are much tastier and healthier than those prepared on the stove. In addition, unlike the kitchen cooking, the outdoors is pleasant and relaxing. You enjoy fresh air and a good meal.
You can build the BCA, which is handy and has a very affordable price. We have found this site several types of BCA for various projects and construction. You won’t even need much time to build a grid, because it is not complicated. Depending on how big you want to be in a few days is ready and you can fully enjoy it.
2. Gazebo, perfect for dining with friends
A gazebo doesn’t entail high costs, it need less material and you can find it a very good prices. If we balance the costs and effort involved by building a gazebo and countless moments of relaxation and fun that you’ll spent there, it’s easy to guess who is the winner. A wooden gazebo is a cheap project for which you need a craftsman. Even an amateur can build a gazebo, especially if you choose a complicated pattern or too high one.
3. Use vines for greenery
Summer is the perfect time for gardening and to add a few more decorative elements in your yard. Vines are a good way to green al the court and mask the unsightly fences. If you have a small yard, climbing plants are definitely your best friends.
Some vines are almost alone in any environment, and do not need too much care – ivy or honeysuckle are two excellent examples of this. You can choose also vineyard, is easy to care and will provide in summer a healthy snack.

4. Hammock or swing, what do you choose?
A perfect Sunday afternoon includes a hammock or swing. Clean air, tranquility and easy rocking are the perfect setting to forget all worries. Depending on the space you have or your pleasures, you can choose either a hammock or a swing.
For either of these two accessories you do not need a budget too high or too much space. A few meters are enough for swing and hammock, so this summer I suggest you give in relaxation and place one in your yard.
5. Build a small kitchen in the summer
I left in the end the most complex project, but also extremely useful. Our grandparents had all summer kitchen and one in the house became a place that rarely comes in summer. A summer kitchen need not be expensive and not very spacious, so you shouldn’t be afraid of starting such a project. You can also use BCA, a material resistant and with high thermal properties, which will relieve the addition of a seal. All you need to build are good quality materials and skilled craftsmen.


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