3 Reasons why kids love flowerbed

To see how, in the garden from tiny seeds grow extraordinary flowers is a fundamental experience for children. The best way to help is to give children their own flowerbed so they can have their own nature experience.

  1. Children love to dig in the ground to plant flowers, pick vegetables, grains and look to nibble sunflower plants as it turns its strain after the sun. In order to arouse the great pleasure of gardening, you should treat small nature scientists the opportunity to get closer to nature and to have fun at the same time.
  2. Sensory experiences, such as touching soft grass and smelling fragrant flowers and observing delicate petals are moments of true happiness. It’s perfect if you allow them to do some things in the garden. Even children of three years are eager to help in the garden. In their own layer, one or two square meters they can experiment whatever they like and can take care of their favorite plants. Plants ideal for small gardeners are those that do not require special care, such as daisies. Children are impressed by tall and fragrant flowers. A flowerbed for children should be placed on good soil and should be round so that all plants be handy. The pots are perfect as initial field of experimentation in growing flowers and herbs.
  3. Children love everything that grows fast, such as strawberries or snapdragon, everything that is beautifully colored, it tastes good and smells wonderful. Also, plants with a familiar scent awaken the curiosity of children. There are several such plants, such as daisies, chocolate flower, Cephalophora aromatic (smells like apple), spearmint, Spanish poppy (Papaver rupifragum), Japanese mint and more. Rub between your fingers mint or tarragon leaves and the air will spread a sweet fragrance. Harvesting and consuming them is more interesting than feeling and sniffing. Whether it is edible flowers watercress, zucchini, strawberries or raspberries, tomatoes and carrots, children will never forget these experiences.
3 Reasons Why Kids Love Flowerbed

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