3 Easy Compost Bins You Can Make

Composting is easy and fun, yet most people don’t it. They say it takes up too much space, it’s a hassle or the compost bins are just too expensive. Well here’s my answer to that; if you have space for a garbage can you can compost, all you have to do is throw stuff in and move it around once a week or so, and you can make your own compost bin for basically the cost of a new garbage can. Besides once your compost is ready you’ll get free fertilizer for your garden.

Here are three super easy diy compost bins you can make yourself at home, with just a few simple supplies:

#1 The galvanized metal food waste composter

All you need is a galvanized metal can and a few tool/garden supplies (that you probably already have) to make this. This one’s solely for food scraps, it lets worms and other small critters enter to break down the food and keeps large pests out. Check out how to make it here.

#2 Run of the mill garbage can compost bins

This one’s great cause it doesn’t require any digging and can also compost garden waste. The container hides the mess of a compost pile, keeps pests out and dark color keeps the compost hot. The added bonus is that you can easily turn your compost in the container itself. Find the tutorial and some more great composting tips, here.

#3 Storage bin turned compost bin

This version calls for a plain ol’ cheap storage container. It’s perfect for small spaces and can be used for food and garden trimmings as well. The lid keeps pests out while the holes at the bottom let beneficial insects in. Check out the tutorial, here.

There you have it, three easy and cheap compost bins that will get you composting in no time.

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