3 Beautiful Garden Borders Ideas

Have you ever seen garden border? It can be an inspiration for you to make your garden more beautiful than before. As we know that a garden will look so beautiful when we can organize it well, and garden border is the solution for organizing your garden. For you who want to know more about garden borders ideas, here the information for you.

Do I Need to Make a Garden Border?
Some people may wonder about the function of garden border. For you who have large garden, garden borders will become the border line for some areas in your garden. For example you want to divide your garden to be place for playing and also place for planting the flowers. Then, you can use garden border to separate them.

Beautiful Garden Borders Ideas
Now you have known the function of garden border. So, have you decided to make garden border? Here some garden borders ideas that will inspire you:
· Sunny Border for Three Seasons

For you who want to see the flowers that always bloom over a long season, you can use this border design. Actually, you can have garden border where you will see the blooming flowers every time, as long as you choose the right type of flowers.
Sunny Border for three seasons will fulfill your expectation. The flowers you can plant are catmint, ponstemont, lavandin, sage, lion’s tail, and Santa Barbara Daisy.
Those flowers will bloom alternately, so you will have beautiful garden border that shows the beautifulness of various type of flowers.

· Herb Border

It is for you who want to have beautiful garden border that is so mulltifunction.  If you make herb garden border, you can have beautiful garden border and can also use the herbs when you need it for medication. Some herbs are so easy to plant and don’t need much water or fertilization. Those herbs are oregano, thyme, sage and English lavender.

· Pool Garden Border

For you who have a swimming pool, you can make a pool garden border to make your pool looks so beautiful. You don’t need to use large space. A Small space that is planted by lobelia, African daisies, silvery dusty miller and sea lavender will form a wonderful pool border.

Those are some information for you about garden borders ideas. So, have you decided to make garden border? It will really help you to see beautiful flowers and plants in the right place. Hopefully the information above will be helpful for you, especially for you who want to have garden border.

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