17 creative ideas to reuse old tires

They say there are more tires than cars on the Earth (it is of course a truism that does nothing but highlight the striking presence of these auto parts). Each year, statistics say, about six billion tires are discarded, many of them not being left, unfortunately, in a recycling center. Lots of people don’t know that they could be ornamental objects which rarely associate such decorative role.

Because we talk about the garden, let’s start with some special pots. Are probably the easiest crafted from old tires, in various shapes and colors, as well as include your imagination. From flowers to shrubs, tires can absorb any form of vegetation.

You don’t have to burry them in the ground, but you can hang them from the eaves, so your mastery easy can easily be seen.

Another good for the exposure of these successful DIY projects is the fence, often a space with decorative potential ignored. The border of your garden will lose that trivial look and display a superior aesthetics.

And if it is garden, then then let’s follow the call of our natural relaxation. Tires, by their specific form, are easily transformed into opportunity chairs or stools that you can place in any corner of the garden.

Other original idea is to make old tires into attractive toys for children. Mark your territory with these colorful creations that add energy in your garden.

One or more tires painted artistically and suspended from a tree branch, combining business with pleasure and relaxation are some corners even for adults who will found joy in the small pleasures of life.

With flowers or not in them, the new decorative garden immediately captures attention and speaks in original shapes and colors about imagination and your creativity. We leave the final a few other images to stimulate appetite for such ornaments totally unique for the garden which will surely turn it into a much more pleasant space.

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